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Our company is a manufacturer in forging industry and is engaged in manufacturing of forged Components catering to various industries. We manufacture precision machined components as per customer specifications and International Standard catering to the requirements of various industry such as Heavy Engineering, Steel Industry, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Refineries,Thermal Power, Nuclear Power, Hydro Power, Cement Industry, Sugar and other related industries. Our product diversity helps our company to maintain an edge over competition, since our company can provide customized and specialized solutions to its customers. Further, our company is planning to expand via backward integration with starting the manufacturing of Steel Melting & Ingot Casting this backward integration would increase our product base and also increase our output due to easily availability of raw material. With a large infrastructure, zero tolerance quality policies and an energetic team of experts, our Company makes sure that it can fulfil any special customer requirements for various critical product applications

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